Our Approach

We like to do things a little differently.  Rather than using traditional off the shelf policies and procedures, we like to get to know you so that we can create bespoke initiatives that really work for you and your team.  We enjoy getting to grips with the perceived vs. the real culture of the business and finding quick, medium and long-term solutions to support your strategic goals.

Before we embark on any HR Project, we need a little engagement from the senior team.  An overview of the business strategy, key challenges over the coming 12 months, and identifying the main objectives of project(s) are our starting points.  And if they don’t yet exist or it’s not quite clear, we’re good at asking the right questions to ensure we develop the right approach. 

Once we have a good understanding of the strategy that will underpin any new or revised HR initiatives, we will agree how much control you want over the project or HR support provided.  You may want regular updates on our work and recommendations, or like many busy business leaders, be keen to agree on key stages in the project that you want oversight and sign-off on.  We are happy to lead and control projects and support as well as work behind the scenes, supporting managers to deliver and be the face of change.  All of this will be carefully agreed at the beginning so that we can quickly build trust and confidence with each other and manage expectations along the way.