Where to start with your HRIS project…

It can be frustrating to discover that your HR system (HRIS) isn’t helping the business in the way that it should.  If you want to identify whether your existing system can be improved, or you just know that it’s time for a change, we have 6 project phases that could assist.
Find out what HRIS services we can provide.

1. Scoping your system requirements

As well as advice, this can include full HR process mapping or redesign, identifying need for integration with other systems, ensuring key stakeholders needs are considered and budget expectations agreed.  You may find that your existing system can be saved and just needs a bit of reconfiguring and user training.  Alternatively this will build the business case for finding something new.

2. Product selection

This could be for a single product or multiple products and modules depending on your requirements. Based on your scoping requirements, we support the design of a scoring system to rate suppliers against your requirements and create bespoke scenarios to ensure they fully demonstrate how they can meet your needs (not just tell you they can). We are also able to support you with shortlisting and selection interviews, making sure the right questions are asked and the right provider selected to fit your business.  Common products include: Online Recruitment (Talent Management – ATS), Onboarding, Core HR database, Self Service, Training (LMS), Payroll, Online Benefits, Pulse Surveys, and Employee Engagement Apps.

3. Implementation

We can support implementation in a number of ways.  Most commonly we would act as your internal project manager to lead, coordinate and deliver the implementation of your system(s).  We can also provide additional HR resource for your team to gather and input information and configure the system with your chosen provider, or to advise and support on a more ad hoc basis throughout the project.

4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

It is advised that all systems have some form of UAT prior to roll out. We can test and provide error reports and recommendations directly to you, or work with your provider to ensure it is all working the way that you want it to. There is nothing worse that spending time and money on a new system, only to lose employee engagement by rolling it out without test driving or piloting it first. You want people to use the system and meet their needs from day one to ensure it is seen as credible and useful.

5. Rollout

Roadshows, webinars, user guides or group overviews for Managers and Employees, we can help provide people with the right information they need to get the best out of your new system. We can help design something light-touch or comprehensive to suit the project. We can write the materials and deliver it to your required timescales and launch dates. Depending on your budget, we could work with your marketing and communications department (if you have one) to ensure we are on brand, aligned with other activities within the business and have a planned rollout perhaps considering teaser campagnes, mugs or cupcakes to create a buzz and awareness.

6. Evaluation

Want to know what people think of your new system or an existing system? We can design a process to capture this information for you. We could run focus groups, one to one interviews with key stakeholders, or conduct a survey. The evaluation would be reported back with analysis, recommendations and helpful advice on next steps.

Interim support

If a key employee left you in the middle of an implementation process, we can quickly jump in and become familiar with the project to keep it moving along. Working with internal stakeholders and third party providers to ensure your delivery timescales, budget and quality remain on track and issues and risks flagged as early as possible.

We are happy to either hold the raines on a small part of the project, or step in and see it through to completion.  Get in touch zoe@rethinkhr.co.uk or 07870 635990 to see if we can ensure your HRIS project is a great success.